WIM Busan 2017


The Busan Cup 2017 was a week long event in Busan, South Korea. I was hired to do all of the video production. Sunny, mostly windy but extremely cold days ment good working conditions for both the equipment and I. Even though my hands might have liked a few more degrees on the thermometer.

This was the first WIM event I did completely on my own. It was interesting because I didn’t have any known processes of filming action on the water and then going in to shore to edit the video. But after the first day I had a good idea of how much time I could spend on the water and how long I needed to finish a good edit in time. I even managed to produce a dock walk video each morning too. This was a concept that was carried over to the next WIM event in Bedanne, France.

It’s a place far away, South Korea, but an incredible experience. Both from a professional perspective and a private, cultural one.

The rest of my videos from Busan Cup 2017 can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc4Tw7659CM&list=PLLZA3nKxcZco9IYDVxefR6_hC4L7LNtdu

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November 2017
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